A comparison of blade runner and jurassic park

Development[ edit ] George Lucasthe director and writer of Star Wars, shown here in He was unsuccessful in pitching his idea to several major Hollywood studios because it was "a little strange". Eventually, Lucas presented the treatment to 20th Century Foxand the film was approved.

A comparison of blade runner and jurassic park

Covenant knock our collective socks off in But one movie that none of us should be nervous for is Blade Runner The creative team, the talent, the technical hands of brilliance, everything about this movie screams success.

Although no movie is a for sure thing until it hits the screens, has the highest ceiling and equally lofty aspirations. When creating a long-awaited sequel like this one, many pieces come into play. Respecting the source material, finding originality within a familiar story, and escalating both stakes and worldbuilding are all valuable when following up a classic.

Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy, Sicario, and Arrival are all solid-to-sensational. Scott is thankfully still connected to the project, which furthers the point of proper direction even more. But what we saw from the gloomy Prisoners and the subtle yet arousing Arrival is a style that translates well to Blade Runner Villeneuve did everything you could ask for in the latter film.

Nolan will have Dunkirk, Scott will have Alien: But there may not be a single director on a bigger roll who is as perfect for a project as Villeneuve is for this one. In we will see a bevy of sequels, prequels, and reboots. But which of them will be able to bring something new to the table?

In the case of Blade Runnerit looks as if we may get a much wider scope of its world. Sure, all we have so far is a teaser showing a desert with a large statue head and an abandoned city hall-type building.

Gosling has shown his repertoire, built a solid filmography, and moved far beyond the days of simply being eye candy. In two drastically different roles inhe completely nailed both. There may not be another actor in Hollywood who better fits the role of a blade runner than him.

A comparison of blade runner and jurassic park

Whether most people want to admit it or not, Gosling has some Harrison Ford qualities in his acting. Between his personas in such films as Drive and Gangster Squad, he fits the bill here.

As far as blockbuster performances go, his could make for one of the most well-rounded and thoughtful ones. A solid script was one thing, but being able to deliver it was another.

The charisma of the two rarely takes a day off, and will be one of the most vital parts of this film. Luckily, these two are just as interesting as the rough-and-gruff types, which should make for an entertaining building of trust between the two.

These two characters can already relate simply from the perspective of their livelihoods. It should make for a great dynamic few other movies will be able to present this coming year.

Most of the blockbusters of will already have established characters or far less compelling ones with far less compelling actors. The chemistry between the two should drive this film forward, strengthening the script and adding an extra element to an already classic franchise.

Fresh off making another all-time science fiction favorite in Alien, Ridley Scott created likely the best one-two punch of movies ever in the genre. And it came at the best of times. But even he had a rough stretch recently, one that included the lackluster Robin Hood, the disappointing but not terrible Prometheus, a real dud in The Counsellor, and the mother of all bores, Exodus: Luckily for him, The Martian did enough to squash the idea that his days as a top-tier filmmaker were over.

Scott and Villeneuve have somewhat similar looks to their films, as Villeneuve seems to mesh elements from the Blade Runner creator and Christopher Nolan.


Having Scott to oversee the film while giving Villeneuve plenty of room to play is exactly what 20th Century Fox wanted.Explore 'Blade Runner' Check out our side-by-side comparison of the Blade Runner trailer with scenes from the original Blade caninariojana.com, take a look at Harrison Ford's career in photos.

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A comparison of blade runner and jurassic park

This is in no way a comparison to the first It movie. Sorry but the intent is to be honest. I have read the Stephen King novel twice, which is .

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