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Treasures of Three Bostons Thanks to Cam Auto Developments Ltd, the Corvette's Lifeline fire extinguisher has been serviced and we have now fitted the Goodridge hoses and fittings needed to complete the motor in its new single carb configuration. We hope to be testing the engine on the ICE Automotive dyno within the next few weeks.
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Products - Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. - Alliance Network Morocco —58 With the marriage of the heirs apparent to their respective thrones Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile created a personal union that most scholars view as the foundation of the Spanish monarchy.

E85 continues to increase in popularity on the merits of sustainability and reduced emissions when compared to pump gasoline. How does E85 make more power?

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The real merit of the fuel is in two of its properties: Increase the octane rating though and we can often make more power. The octane rating of E85 is in the region ofbut when combined with its cooling properties, the actual knock resistance of E85 is much higher than the octane rating would suggest.

In plain English this means that when E85 is injected into the engine, it goes through a phase change from liquid to gas and during this process it absorbs a lot of heat from the intake charge.

A colder intake charge is denser and improves power, but also has the effect of making the engine less prone to detonation. Can you just fill up at an E85 pump? Unless you have a Flex Fuel capable vehicle, the answer is no.

Normal gasoline has a stoichiometric air fuel ratio of Again, if you failed chemistry this means that on pump gas we need On E85 however, we now mix one part fuel to 9.

In short, your car needs to be tuned to run correctly on E Our MoTeC M ECU pictured can monitor the ethanol content and then automatically account for the changing fuel properties including stoichiometric ratio and fuel density thanks to an ethanol content sensor.

Considering most people will be changing to E85 to improve power the actual fuel demands can be much higher than this. In particular, larger injectors and a larger fuel pump are usually a necessity.

aim global business presentation 2015 mustang

In high-power applications multiple pumps and dual sets of injectors may be required. For a start E85 is very hygroscopic, which means that it will absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Another concern is the changing ethanol content of pump E What is Flex Fuel?

Flex Fuel is common on many newer vehicles and this system uses an ethanol content sensor to tell the ECU the percentage of ethanol in the fuel. With this system you can run a car on pump gasoline, E85 or any mixture of the two and the ECU takes care of the necessary changes.

aim global business presentation 2015 mustang

Flex Fuel functions are also available in many aftermarket ECUs and this can allow you to take advantage of the same technology for your own car. For those without regular access to E85 this gives the freedom to swap between fuels without visiting a tuner or breaking out the laptop each time.

We mounted a Continental ethanol content sensor to the strut tower of our Toyota 86 and plumbed it into the fuel feed line using some AN adaptors. We did some testing on our turbocharged Toyota 86 and optimising the tune in the MoTeC M ECU netted an increase in power from the kW hp the car made on pump gas to kW hp at the rear wheels.

Even with the high The only thing stopping us going further was the stock internals and a little mechanical sympathy.

Is E85 just an advantage for boosted engines? The advantages E85 offers play out perfectly for any engine that is very sensitive to knock or detonation on pump gas, which is why E85 lends itself so well to boosted engines. Well the news is still good! As well as the ethanol content at the pump, variable ethanol content is a danger for those who regularly swap between pump fuel and E The result is a potentially dangerous variation in the ethanol content of your fuel.

The best idea is to use an ethanol content sensor so your tune can adjust automatically.Get up-to-the-minute environmentally-friendly (or egregiously unfriendly) car news, reviews, high-quality photos and commentary about living green. 1st October: UK Nostalgia Superstock Chair Don Scott has plenty of reasons to feel good about the class as it approaches this year's final round: We have seen numbers building meeting by meeting over this year, and many of the Lifestyle event cars have been made MSA-legal, so we are very happy to announce that the UK National Finals has a sixteen-car field of leaf-sprung muscle battling it out.

Sprott Global invested over £4m at 3p in April and again in August-September taking their holding to %. An Emerging Gemstone Miner in Mozambique Investor Presentation, February Christiaan Jordaan, Managing Director Global Mining Observer, Issue July For personal use only.

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