Computer application class

Following that knowledge, this course will cover the topics of developing hand-eye coordination by mouse usage and basic keyboard skills such as text production and use of the function keys. Students will be introduced to such varied topics as use of an internet browser, how to establish and maintain an email account, how to text message, how to navigate such programs as basic word processing and accessories programs, using established databases and search engines to find information on the internet, and being able to copy, save, and print documents from various sources.

Computer application class

Computer Learning Lab Department Overview Founded inKathmandu University, Dhulikhelhas rapidly achieved a status of one of the top institutions in the nation for higher education and scientific research. With the need to develop and deploy the digital concepts that are changing the world rapidly with astonishing inventions and innovation,Kathmandu University launched Computer Science and Engineering program.

To produce self-motivated, qualified, confident and creative graduate of high quality with entrepreneurial attitude. To closely collaborate with the industries and institutions so that the education and research in the department in line with the current domestic and international needs.

Computer application class

To complement the momentum gained in terms of establishment of national as well as foreign software houses and service sectors,Kathmandu University has devised the curriculum that exactly fits into the need of industries. Here at KU, students learn the curriculum guided by local industries and at the same time KU has always been committed to make its curriculum at par to the international standards.

Updated syllabus to meet the industry requirement. Faculty members with reputed degrees and expertise. Industry based Faculty members Intensive guidance by the faculties. Industry based internship 3 months Project works based learning methodology Industry standard mini and mega projects.

Frequently seminar organised by IT-experts.

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Internationally acceptable grading system.Jul 12,  · Contractors Institute LICENSE Instructor, Richard Elzey. Online Computer Applications classes Your class may require purchasing a textbook.

Computer application class

Please click on the course title to see the full course description and to see if a book is required. What is a multiple-class application (including TEAS Plus and TEAS RF) or amendment to allege use (AAU)?

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Computer Application Training General. You may apply for college credit computer-training class through the CIP program. Schools Participating in CAT. This Web site lists schools participating in the CAT program along with the approved courses each school offers.

The list of participating schools will change as new schools and courses. Quia Web allows users to create and share online educational activities in dozens of subjects, including Computer Applications.

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