How to write a funny poem about myself

Funny poems, ones that made me chuckle when i wrote them, hopefully you'll get the humor too. A poem about the curse of Bad facial hair. Beardy weirdy I am the barely bearded It don't grow well on me I try and nurture good facial hair But patchy growth i see You talk to it nicely But it just don't do much So patchy chin i have Prickly to the touch. A Poem by T Monk To feel happy id like to feel happy no i really would have a smile in the morning making me feel good but there is a problem with making smiles come it is called other people there a right pain in the bum A poem by T Monk.

How to write a funny poem about myself

Funny Birthday Poems You are welcome to share these funny birthday poems with everyone in your life.

how to write a funny poem about myself

Hopefully these birthday poems will bring more laughter and smiles to all your birthday celebrations. Are you celebrating someones birthday this summer? Then maybe you will enjoy sharing the following funny birthday poem: Summer is finally here!

Here's that Summer birthday poem that I promised to share with everyone. Summer Comes around just once each year, Creates a stunning atmosphere. A heated party, beginning till end, The place to be is Disneyland. Enjoyment and smiles, plentiful and ripe, Abundant activities, deserving the hype.

Waters edges, they all seem to swarm, Sandy days, with Sunny and Warm. Summers birthday, they all wish to join, She barbeques delicious sirloin. Ageless wonder, since birth we have known, Temperature rising, statistics have shown.

Share your birthday with Summer our dear, Through thoughtful actions protect our blue sphere. By Martin Dejnicki I wish you something, just can't remember, Don't be upset, you're my family member.

It was clearly, on my mind, With so many thoughts, it's hard to find. Maybe it's simply not that essential, Please lose that frown, you have so much potential. On second thought, it might be coming back to me, Now I know, why those brain pills were free.

Visions appear of colorful balloons, In the background, I hear those fine tunes. Near the end of the dream, I can taste a delicious cake, It must be your birthday, as I awake.

By Martin Dejnicki A birthday should always be a joyous occasion, Family and friends; obvious invasion.

how to write a funny poem about myself

One simple day, placed on display, Carefully observed, for signs of decay. At such a wise age, everything seems so clear, Excuse to celebrate, they all came for beer.Here's A Little Poem: A Very First Book of Poetry [Jane Yolen, Andrew Fusek Peters, Polly Dunbar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This exuberant celebration of poetry is an essential book for every young one’s library and a georgeous gift to be both shared and treasured. Sit back and savor a superb collection of more . How to write a essay about a poem. by | Oct 12, temple university application essay be melting pot or salad bowl essay about myself.

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Sharon Lagueux - ← I love what you wrote here Linda in your poem it's beautiful and tells much about yourself and I am sure there so many wonderful things about yourself you didn't say in your poem.

Although your kind friend AT did below and I agree with Him that is perhaps % true about a lovely write and for sharing Linda your lovely inspiration a pleasure and blessing to read. Write a letter to the future: set goals for yourself, make a prediction about the world.

Envision the future, and then make it happen.

Why Write a Letter To Your Future Self?

Just got a letter from myself in from @futureme. Made me tear up a wee bit! Time to write myself another one for 5 years time — .