How to write a good essay for spm

How Internet Affects Life By: Syawalynn Zain Nowadays, the use of Internet is increasing especially among adolescence or more accurately, students. The Internet issue is discussed by the adults and parents. Most of them are worried that the use of Internet is dangerous to their kids.

How to write a good essay for spm

How to Write a Good Essay Essay writing is one of the basic skills at school, college and university. No matter how you try to reduce the amount writing you must do for your essay, you will have to master the method for your assignment. You are wrong if you think that only linguists should know how to create successful academic essays.

2 Easy Ways to Write a Good Essay in a Short Amount of Time

Business, biology, law, philosophy, engineering and other disciplines require students to be able to complete well-written and logical essays. Because an expert should know how to express his or her idea or point of view in written form.

If you cannot write about nursing or marketing in the form of a short persuasive or analytical essay, you are not a professional. As a result, every well-educated and intelligent person should master the skill of quality essay writing. If you do not know how to prepare your essays, you can improve your knowledge with the help of these effective and fast writing tips.

Follow them to be successful in writing. Choose a Fresh Topic Why do people compose essays? They want to inform, persuade or entertain the audience.

In simple words, an essay cannot be boring and dry.


It is unreasonable to write essays about nothing. Your text should have a specific objective to reach a particular audience. You ought to choose the topic of your essay by paying attention to the type of reader and your major goals.

When you write about physics, you cannot expect a linguist to enjoy and understand your text. You should write about physics for physicists. Secondly, you are supposed to write about original problems. No one is interested in the topics that have already been analyzed dozens of times in the same old way.

Think about an angle that is genuinely new. Thirdly, you should make your topic narrow enough so it will be it catchy and understandable. You can order a high-quality custom essay from professional writing service!

Collect Information and Learn about the Right Structure When you write an essay, you should know what you write about.

Thus, you ought to collect enough material for a substantive discussion. You can find information in the library and on the Internet. Read articles, encyclopedias and books from famous authors and share your ideas with the readers in written form.

You should remember the proper structure of an average essay. An essay is a logical text that consists of three major parts — introduction, body and conclusion. The simplest 5-paragraph essay and the most complex paragraph texts are written according to this basic structure.

Every essay has its introduction, body and conclusion. Learn how to organize every section effectively. Complete Your Captivating Introduction Many inexperienced students do not understand the value of a good hook and introduction.

Undoubtedly, this section is vital for your essay.But do not write too long an essay. Some students can easily write anything between and words. Remember, the more you write, the more mistakes you may make.

Weak students are strongly advised not to write a lengthy essay. SPECIFIC GUIDELINES FOR CONTINUOUS WRITING Make sure your essay is longer than words.


how to write a good essay for spm

You are concerned over the implications and long-term health effects of the haze. Write an article to the local newspaper expressing your concern based on all the notes below.

the reasons behind the haze; role of government and society A good command in of . You have to decide whether to write your essay from your own perspective or someone else’s. Mary Anne Danker, is it not?” She nodded her head silently as if embarrassed.

“Hello, John? You are looking good.” Her remarks reminded me of how beautiful she had been once. Documents Similar To TIPS ON WRITING SPM NARRATIVE ESSAYS. /5(13). essay writing - the secret to writing a good essay Why I can't write good English Essay for my PMR or SPM or any kind of English Essay writing exams?

This is a very famous question asked by many local and foreign students, especially those who take English as their Second Language at peace, nobody is a born writer.

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A good command in of English will also help you greatly in your job. If the company you work is actively involved in international trade, you have to speak to prospective customers in English.

Miscommunication might occur if your English is bad. And this will put your company at risk and you will likely be dismissed if . 5 Must-Dos For Outstanding Essay Writing.

By The Study Gurus on February 21, 47 Comments. Share Pin 3. They may know the subject backwards, but if they don’t know how to write a good essay then they’re screwed. Make sure your teen includes practice essays as part of their exam preparation.

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