Mariette business plan

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Mariette business plan

His passion and eye for detail make him a successful milliner. But Louis is more than just a milliner; he is a wonderful person, with a big heart, always working for a noble cause and all this with his feet placed firmly on the ground.

I must say, I enjoyed doing this interview with him. Not only did I get to talk with the milliner to the superstars, but also got to know a wonderful human being.

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Louis was born in Malawi and grew up in Botswana and Swaziland. With nature as his playground, Louis would spend endless hours exploring the flora and fauna, collecting everything from semi-precious stones, seedpods and cactus flowers to beads and trimmings from local tribes.

Based at his atelier in London, Louis is a self-taught milliner and has been breaking boundaries with his designs for eight years.

mariette business plan

Having previously worked as a party and wedding planner, his first show was in Milan incommissioned by renowned stylist Michael Dye, which gained Louis high praise and recognition. He custom made a beautiful hat for the occasion based on the Lilac-breasted Roller Bird, one of his favourites in Botswana.

In that time he has been Vice President, fundraised, created awareness through publicity, organised millinery demonstrations with his team for the children, run numerous marathons and even trekked Mount Kilimanjaro for them! How did launching your brand change your life?

My life actually changed a remarkable amount. I used to work for somebody else. Working for yourself, you have the freedom to make decisions, and you get to choose the direction you want to go, and I love that.

My clients rarely give me tight specifications and they always allow me an element of creative freedom, usually asking me what I think would suit them best. I value the importance of collaborations.

What is a normal day for Louis Mariette? I wake up every day at 6am to go jogging or to the gym.

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I love the freedom I feel when I run. As soon I have done my exercise I go directly to the atelier; my first moments of creativity are normally in the morning. Where do you get your inspiration? My favourite thing is when I travel to an exotic country. I pack all my tools, sketchpads and a few bits of millinery equipment.

Early morning, when the sun is rising, you get to experience the crisp freshness of the day and I always feel the light is at its best; this is when the full force of imagination is released.

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When did you know you wanted to be a milliner designer? One time when I was planning a party, and I made a matching pieces for the head, one friend of mine Michael Dye, who is an amazing Creative director, ask me to make some pieces for a Fashion Show he was organizing.According to Mariette du Toit-Helmbold, formerly the award-winning CEO for ten years of Cape Town Tourism, and her business partner Annareth Bolton, who was CEO of Stellenbosch Wine Routes for.

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