Rapid population growth essays

The frequent appearance of the subject in different United Nations Conferences such as the Conference on Environment and Development and the International Conference on Population and Development reflects the complexity of the problem. Population growth is so intricately intertwined with international economic imbalances and environmental degradation that none of the problems can be solved individually without improvements of the others.

Rapid population growth essays

Population Growth Population Growth Definition: Population growth is defined as the increase in. There are the main components of population growth. Here we look at the process which shape population growth and the kind of yardsticks we use to measure it.

In this chapter we shall be concerned mainly with the human population. Much of the reasoning we shall use could, however, be applied to animal populations as well Births, Deaths, and Growth: One is natural change caused by the difference Rapid population growth essays the number of births and deaths.

If births are more numerous than deaths in any period, the total population will increase.

Essay title: Poverty and Rapid Population Growth

If they are less numerous, it will decrease. This simple relationship is modified by a second force; migration. When immigrants are more -numerous than emigrants, There Will be a population increase. This assumes, of course, that we are ignoring natural change for the moment.

When emigrants are more numerous, there will be a population decline. As figure shows, net changes in population totals are caused by the interaction of four elements: Births and immigrants tend to push the total up: Although migration-may be the most important factor in small areas for example, in a small village or a city blockit is less significant on the national level.

For the world as a whole, migration is irrelevant because all movements take place within the limits of the recording area. In other words, until interplanetary travel comes along, the planet Earth can be safely treated as - a closed system for demographic purposes.

We shall therefore concern ourselves in this chapter with the natural change component, leaving the more complicated analysis of open population systems in which migration is significant. This is defined as the actual number. The principal factors in influencing fertility in a population are the age of marriage, the availability of contraception and attitude towards family size.

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A decline in fertility is characteristic of urban, industrial societies and has significant social and economic consequences for the size of work force.

Fertility rate is determined by the number of children born every year to women of child bearing age years. The crude birth rate is given by number of live births per thousand persons of all ages in one year.

Fertility is influenced by many factors, most important few are, 1. Per capita income, percentage of population in the reproductive age group; percentage of rural population and percentage of, literacy etc. Fertility is very, much affected by changes in age at marriage.

Economic status of people influences fertility. Death rate is usually high among the poor people. Therefore, they tend to have more children.

So where people are tradition oriented and fatalistic, the birth rate is generally high. Illiteracy and ignorance are also responsible for high growth. Climatic conditions affect fertility. In countries where climatic conditions are hot population attains puberty at an early age and number of years before a menu-pause.Effects of Rapid Population Growth While population growth is at times a beneficial thing for a species, there are many factors that define when growth becomes detrimental.

With the rapid growth of population come many challenges that people have to face and Nigeria is no exception. Nigeria, a country located in West Africa, is the sixth most populous country in the world with a total population of over million (Rosenthal).

The increase population in demand in resources will sparks the competition between the producers.

Rapid population growth essays

The evolve of technology will help the population to develop. ADVERTISEMENTS: Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth! From sociological point of view – population simply means number of people, living at a particular area (country/region) at a particular time.

The current human population growth is something unprecedented in the history of the world. Dynamics of Population Growth While the facts of birth and death at an individual level are dear, their effect on the growth and decline of a population (that is, a collection of individuals) is more opaque/5(1).

Rapid Human Population Growth Population growth is the change in population over a given period of time. Research suggests that the world’s poorest countries have faster population grows. Historically, high fertility rates strongly correlate with poverty.

Population Growth: Essay on Population Growth