Resume writing services salt lake city utah

Many thanks to the women who participated in that seminar for the advice that was given. Application Process How can I find out about court vacancies?

Resume writing services salt lake city utah

The project was to develop BI and dashboards about the reverse logistics supplied by New Breed for a major telecom company in the United States.

OBIEE was used to provide the clients with information specific to their supply chain to help market responsiveness and to coordinate activities by providing tracing and tracking facility. Worked during the whole life cycle of the project from requirements gathering to deployment.

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Acted as a liaison between business users and BI team to facilitate understanding of business requirements. Created new logical columns, dimensional hierarchy, calculated measures, and aggregate mappings in the BMM layer as per the business requirements. Designed and developed various Interactive Dashboards and reports with drilldowns, guided navigation, filters, and prompts.

Created various session and repository variables and initialized them in the Initialization Blocks to change metadata dynamically as the environment changes. Configured BI Scheduler and Oracle BI Delivers- iBots to deliver alerts and publish updated content to subscribed users as per the schedules and requirements.

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Used various cache management techniques for performance tuning including configuring, defining cache parameters, cache persistence time, cache seeding and purging, and event polling.

Created security settings in OBIEE Administration Tool and set up groups, access privileges and query privileges and also managed security for groups in Answers.

Created various templates, reports, and prompts in BI Publisher. Provided guidance and support to end users during the implementation and in production.

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Boart Longyear is the leading provider of mineral exploration services and drilling products for the global mining industry and water exploration, environmental sampling, energy, and oil sands exploration.

The project called One Core was to build Business Intelligence on top of their Data Warehouse to provide analytical reporting to its managers. Dashboards and reports were built for daily and executive reporting about finance, sales, services, and warehouse.

Interacted with Subject Matter Experts and Business Analysts for reporting requirements analysis and to define business and functional specifications. Monitored and documented change requests in requirements and ensured modified requirements are met during BI development.

Developed metadata repository and configured metadata objects in all three layers using Oracle BI Administration tool.

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Build repository by importing the data, defining keys and joins, creating business model, defining complex joins, mapping columns and sources, creating measures, and developing subject areas. Developed various Reports, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, with various charts and views, and tables using global and local Filters.

Configured schedulers and used iBots to generate and deliver reports based on business requirements. Created dimension hierarchies, aggregation criteria and multiple logical sources in the BMM layer.

Involved in performance tuning of the dashboards with DBAs and BAs using cache management and aggregate tables. Created schedules to seed and purge cache for cache management. Implemented security by creating roles and web groups, and defined Object Level and Data Level Security.

Developer templates and reports in Oracle BI Publisher in rtf format. The company designs and sells Internet Protocol network products and services. I worked on the Sales Data Mart project.

Resume writing services salt lake city utah

The goal of the Sales Data Mart project was to implement a data warehouse as a single repository of sales data to provide reports of Order Bookings and Forecast data for the Sales Organization. The Reports were developed to cater the needs of all levels of Sales organization, from Sales Representatives to Executives.

Interacted with business representatives and business analysts for requirements analysis and to define business and functional specifications. Analyzed the Reporting Requirements and participated in the documentation of Business Requirements.

Defined and created Initialization Blocks, Repository and Session Variables for generating filters and defining security. Developed measure for time comparison using time functions, ToDate and Ago. Used Filters and provided Prompts appropriately to make interactive reports and to avoid excessive data showing up on Reports.

Performed the Performance Tuning of Dashboards and Reports and made required changes to repository and database in consultation with DBA.

Configured Measures in the Business Model Layer and mapped to multiple logical table sources. Created schedulers and developed iBots to deliver reports and dashboards to the subscribers as per the schedules and alerts. Created report prototypes and presented them to users to get approval.Are you looking to hire resume writing services Salt Lake City, Utah?

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The Utah State Board of Education will set the general statewide conditions in which each student can excel, including equity of educational opportunities and culturally responsive practices to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

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