Sapec agro business plan

Increase in the prevalence of counterfeit products is one of the major restraints in the growth of the secondary macronutrients market.

Sapec agro business plan

This is not investment advice. The stock mentioned is relatively illiquid and potentially risky. Please do your own research!!!! The company is in the process of selling its main business which will result in around EUR net cash per share compared to a share price of EUR. For me this is very attractive as I expect this to happen in the first half of SAPEC is a somewhat strange company.

This is how the company describes itself: Established in as a mining and chemical company, Sapec expanded into various industrial and service sectors becoming an industrial holding group controlling and managing various businesses.

A quick look into the annual report is not pretty. Sales declined 5 years in a row and the company made losses for the last 3 years.

sapec agro business plan

With around 1,5 mn Shares, the company had at the low point around 30 mn, overall Enterprise value including debt at mn. The beautiful Swan emerges A quick look at the chart shows that something significant has happened in the last few weeks: The Board of Directors of the company has given strategic thought to the future of its Agro Business activity to maximise its value for the benefit of all shareholders.

Agro Business has now grown to a significant market share sapec agro business plan its traditional markets and has consolidated its international presence in a global market in rapid consolidation.

A new development phase requires, among others, new investments. Different scenarios are on the table, including the search for new investors for AB, which is the reason why Sapec has hired the services of Lazard Madrid. While it is true that preliminary contacts have been established with potential investors, at this stage no decision has been made in one direction or the other, and no specific negotiations have begun with one or more potential investors.

In this context, any speculation about the sale of AB or its valuation is premature. In accordance with the applicable regulations, the company will immediately inform the market if there is inside information in that respect.

Chief Operating Officer, Agro Business at Sapec SA

This was followed on October 31st by another press release: In connection with the latter option, the Board of Directors requested the intermediary Lazard Madrid to submit the offers from potential candidates by Tuesday, 1 November at 8 p.

A Board meeting will be held on 3 November to decide on the best option for the future of AB, and to examine the potential offers received by the company on 1 November.

The company will issue a new press release following that Board of Directors meeting to explain the preferred option for the future of AB and, if the Board of Directors chooses to sell AB, whether it will involve one or more potential buyers, and the negotiations thereof.

Any speculation about the identity of those potential investors is, therefore, premature. Could one have seen it earlier? However, looking deeper into the annual reports, on could have seen that the initial mentioned sales decline came mostly from the trading operation and especially the crop protection business did really well.

And the first 6 months looked good again for the agro sector. Another hint would have been the half-year report where they talk about larger reorganizations in some of their businesses as well as the intention to dispose the environment business.

However there was no hint that they were thinking about selling the profitable core business. In any case, the overall case was clearly not easy to spot. Buying a stock which just has tripled or quadrupled in value is not easy for a value investor. Is the stock maybe worth more than the EUR?

sapec agro business plan

Buying EUR cash per share sounds like a no brainer but there are 3 clear caveats: What are they going to do with the money?

Will the deal go through? There is always a risk that something unexpected happen, but my take is that there is relatively little risk that the deal fails. They have ample access to funding and really seem to know what they are doing.

Nuno Loureiro, Chief Financial Officer, Agro Business at Sapec SA - Relationship Science

They have an office and Spain and know the regulatory environment. What will Sapec do with the money?

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If SAPEC would just keep all the money, then there is the big risk that they would be just another undervalued holding company with no clear catalyst. However, in one of their releases they stated the following.He is joining Oxiteno to implement the company’s aggressive growth plan for the United States.

Sapec Agro Business Enters Adjuvant Sector with SDP Acquisition. July 6, Sapec Agro Business has announced the acquisition of French company SDP, through its subsidiary Tradecorp. Plus Small & Medium Business. Data. Our Limited Plan lets you monitor the shipping activities of any three companies across all our databases.

Be the first to know when your target company clears a shipment through customs in one of the countries we track. Sapec Agro, S.a exports to Leschaco Mexicana, S.a. De C.v through the port of.

Sapec Agro Business sponsors the Agri Innovation Summit - Tradecorp International

Sapec Agro S.A. manufactures agricultural chemicals. The Company produces a wide range of agricultural chemicals and markets its products throughout Spain. Con el objetivo de divulgar el conocimiento, Sapec Agro te Marco Merlano shared.

Antonio Marques, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director at Sapec SA - Relationship Science Data Access data on U.
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João Estrela, Chief Operating Officer, Agro Business at Sapec SA - Relationship Science