School captain nomination speech

As House Captain, you will be able to rely on me to be focused on everything I will be needed for. One of the many things I love being responsible for is looking after two buddies, actually make that three as of this week! Being house captain would be like having a quarter of school as buddies, which sounds like a whole lot of fun to me! At playtime I sometimes play reception children as well as spending lots of time with my best friends in year 6.

School captain nomination speech

National Commander Clarence Hill delivers his acceptance speech. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this day and your vote of confidence in electing me your 91st National Commander.

Before I get into my comments, I'd like to do some introductions. First, my wife, Liz, without whom I would not have had a successful Navy career, and I would not be a Legionnaire before you today.

She has been my companion, my sounding board and my confidant for over 35 years now. As you heard, we met in March of when I was still an ensign, and got married in She has pinned every rank on me to my retirement as a captain. Most of you have heard the story of how I joined The American Legion.

Liz wanted to join the Auxiliary and gave me two choices to establish her eligibility - join the Legion or be deceased. By the time I retired and started getting involved in the Legion, she had been a unit president three times and helped guide my early involvement.

Thank you to my daughter Nicole, her husband David and my granddaughters Kadence and Mckenzie. They are all proud members of the Legion family.

Student Leaders Message – Albany Rise Primary School

He never missed an opportunity to push me into getting more involved, and I could never say no. Thank you to Dyke Shannon, good friend and former Department Adjutant for Florida for 29 years, for that nomination speech and all your support through the years.

Thank you also to Randy Fisher and Joe Caouette for their seconding speeches. I'm sure we'll see more of them.

Thank you PNC Jake Comer, another mentor for the installation, and your advice and guidance over the years. Team Florida, are you out there? They have been a real anchor to the campaign. Thank you to Bob Proctor, our NEC, who served as the campaign chairman, and had plenty of advice along the way.

Thank you to Mike McDaniel, the department adjutant and campaign treasurer, for not losing any of the money I was spending. And of course, my wife again for the time she spent booking all my flights so she could be sure I would be leaving.

She had a better slogan than I had - her slogan for the campaign was "It's about time you to be deployed again. You will get to know Larry and Sandy better as the year progresses as Larry has agreed to serve as my aide. Again, thank you Larry. I'd like to thank all the departments I visited for your courtesies and your camaraderie, it was an honor to spend time with you.

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A great deal of thanks go to Commander Rehbein for his leadership, his responsiveness, and his ability to meet every challenge during the superb year he just finished.

You have set the bar high, sir. Please join me in recognizing his performance again. As I assume the reins of our great organization here in Louisville, I cannot help but repeat part of the opening for my campaign speeches: These are extremely challenging times.

As a grassroots organization, the strength and reputation of our posts are crucial to our organizational success. Some posts are flourishing, and some are struggling.

Those posts that are doing well need to reach out and help those posts that need help. The post is where the programs are conducted, where the hard work that establishes our reputation occurs, and where The American Legion has an impact and makes a difference. The district commanders are closest to the action, and a vital cog to making us successful, by visiting their posts, helping them when necessary and ensuring their posts are participating in our programs.

Our veterans and active-duty forces need our strength as never before. Any success we can achieve depends on our ability to influence members of our government at all levels.

Many of you have heard me refer to working membership as "the hardest easy job" we have to do. By that I mean that most Legionnaires can cite chapter and verse about our many programs that can entice someone to join. And I congratulate them on their ability to sell the product.

But when I ask them how many they have recruited, the answer is none or one. So there must be something hard about recruiting that I haven't figured out.

If you know what makes recruiting so hard, or how to solve it, please let me know.I would like to take this opportunity to run for school prefect. I believe true leadership is a quality many aspire to have, and only a few truly obtain, because in order to become a leader you must first learn to follow.

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its just to lighten the mood and make me stand out more but at the same time i dont want to look like a tryhard. School Captain Speech 21 February Today, I had to make a speech for school captain. For all that were interested, here it is! Good morning fellow students, teachers and parents in attendance, Firstly, I’d like to welcome you all to this special assembly we have here today.

School captain nomination speech

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