Should sex education be taught in school persuasive speech

Sex is a natural part of life, and when questions arise, they can be discussed in a matured way without condoning certain behavior. Therefore, sex education in high schools is very necessary for youngsters to acquire information, form attitudes, beliefs and values about identity, relationships and intimacy.

Should sex education be taught in school persuasive speech

Sex education should not be taught in schools More than half of parents do not think sex education should be taught to children at school, according to a new survey.

Many think it is inappropriate to teach children about sex, whilst others think it should be a parents' choice to inform their own child, according to a poll by baby product website babychild. The survey, which questioned more than 1, parents of children aged five to 11, found that 59 per cent do not agree with the fact that sex education is often taught to children in schools, even from a young age.

Almost half 48 per cent of those questioned said children should be at least 13 years old before it is appropriate to teach them about sex, the survey found. Of those that don't agree that sex education should be taught in schools, 41 per cent said it was inappropriate to teach youngsters about the subject, while one in four 28 per cent said it should be the parents' choice to teach their own child.

A similar proportion 27 per cent said there was no need for children to know about sex. Contraception was the most popular topic that parents said should be covered in sex education lessons chosen by 65 per centfollowed by puberty 49 per centhomosexuality 48 per cent and sexually transmitted infections 47 per cent.

Should sex education be taught in school persuasive speech

Schools must also have a sex education policy, although the subject is not compulsory. The future of sex education is part of a current review of the entire national curriculum ordered by ministers.Coming back to my views on sex education, it can be taught in two ways namely abstinence education and abstinence - plus.

(“Sex Education Speech/Presentation Speech or Presentation”, n.d.) the nature of the organization of this article is informative and persuasive.

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In my point of view, I believe that sexual education should be taught in school. I think this because some kids that are in school do not know the dangers of being sexually active, they don’t.

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Sample Persuasive Speech Outline Monroe_s Motivated Sequence. Persuasive Speech Outline. Comprehensive sex education in public schools Thesis: Evidence-based sex. education, in the form of the Personal Responsibility Education Program, should be taught in public schools, because it has been proven to decrease the occurrence of both teen.

Persuasive Speech Outline (Using Monroe’s Motivated Sequence) Topic: Voting in Election Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to vote in democratic elections to voice out their opinions and beliefs regardless of their background, to decide for their future, and to preserve the essence of democracy.

Persuasive Speech About Sex Education