Soldiers attitude to wwi essay example

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Soldiers attitude to wwi essay example

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World War One Essay Sample Introduction For the first time, inthe world in its entirety participated in a war whose threshold encompassed the whole globe.

The war itself saw the world polarized into two groups. One side of the globe was headed by Germans, while the other comprised the United Kingdom and her supporters. The latter group was also known as the Allies, whereas the former, under the tutelage of Germany was also known as Central Powers.

The uniqueness of this war surpasses just the mere fact that this is the most pristine of the times in which the whole world was entangled in a war.

Rather, it was because for the first time, the intensity and the scale of the war reached unprecedented levels. More men than ever before had been conscripted into the war and new technologies were used in militancy in a way that the world had never witnessed.

Soldiers attitude to wwi essay example

It is estimated that Soldiers attitude to wwi essay example to 70 million soldiers had taken part in this conflict. Machine guns, advanced and technical logistics, better artilleries, submarines, poison gases and aerial warfare were put into use in a stark fashion.

Because of the above conditions, it is true that the war claimed many casualties approximately 40 million lives were lost.

Apart from the above outcome, the war also brought with it, consequences in international relations and politics, financial and social implications, among others. These implications shall therefore be touched on at a greater depth, based on viewpoints of different people from different parts of the world so as to give a comprehensive scope over the entire matter.

These views are from excerpts that were in Willy- Nicky Telegrams. Social implications Writers such as Levine point out that never in the world was there such a profound loss of lives in the world through war.

Apart from the 40 million military casualties that lost their lives, the Willy- Nicky Telegram points out that there were also 20 million civilians who perished alongside the soldiers.

Soldiers attitude to wwi essay example

On a more social front, it is pointed out that because of this, many nation states witnessed the state of social imbalance as many marriages experienced the death of a spouse to the war. Levine Ibid elucidates further that the death of spouses to the war led to the increase in the number of single parent families.

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the participants in the war were rather young, meaning that the spouses they left behind were also young. Many governments at the moment did not come up with clear cut policies to take care of the needs of the bereaved.

This situation only catapulted a sexual revolution as the young single parents sought for sexual fulfillment from elsewhere. Leading social scientists and anthropologists Harding posit that it is at this age that people in the developing world shifted from holding on to the ideals of the Victorian age, as far as sex was concerned.

Initially, sex in the Victorian age was an affair so sacred so that activities related to it were only constrained within the boundaries of marriage. However, this World War One brought a complete overhaul whereby the relatively younger widows now began seeking to satiate their sexual needs outside.

There are multiple attestations of an increasingly number of divorce that took place after the war. Harding Ibid maintains that the situation was most prevalent among those who were newly married and as such, had not yet sired any children.

In other cases, those who came from the First World War are the ones who opted for the divorce after discovering for themselves that their spouses had not been that faithful.

Sexual unfaithfulness in most cases happened in two ways.

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According to Barodofskythis unfaithfulness stemmed from the wife who was left behind, finding herself vulnerable to the lure of adultery. Second to this, the divorce happened when the ex militant came back, either too traumatized to fulfill conjugal obligations, or too injured to do likewise.

Economic implications On an economic front, the war dealt a devastating blow to the world. This is because during the World War One, the participants and virtually all nations had diverted all the resources in arms race and military warfare.Essay about Why Soldiers Fought Words | 4 Pages When looking back at a war as controversial as America's involvement in Vietnam, it is difficult to understand why soldiers would choose to fight and why they kept fighting for so long.

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It kept the soldiers going and maintained their will to fight and die for their country. Many soldiers saw it as their duty to sacrifice themselves in the name of their homeland and any form of death in war was regarded as heroic and glorious.

World War I, however, was the first example of total war. Because of the prewar alliance system, it meant that all countries were involved in the war. Death Of Celilo Falls by Katrine Barber - The purpose of this essay is to examine and analyze Katrine Barber's book, "Death of Celilo Falls".

The Memoirs of WWI World War I The Different Memoirs of WWI World War I was an extremely violent and traumatic time for soldiers on the fronts of the war.

Even though it was a dramatic time for these men the memoirs from the war was varied on the western front within the German ranks. Starship Troopers is a military science fiction novel by American writer Robert A. caninariojana.comn in a few weeks in reaction to the U.S.

suspending nuclear tests, the story was first published as a two-part serial in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction as Starship Soldier, and published as a book by G.

P. Putnam's Sons in December .

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