The issue of labor shortage in the united states

The Truth About the U. Already, every sector of the U. Meanwhile, the number of recipients associated with social safety net programs is down, significantly. Reducing regulation, lowering taxes, and unleashing the power of the North American Energy Revolution have combined to trigger a technology enabled business boom in the United States.

The issue of labor shortage in the united states

Why is there a labor shortage? And what can we do about it? While the great recession of saw the departure of more than 40 percent of its workforce, equating to nearly 2. Even as far back ascontractors were reporting their struggles. For more than two decades, the construction industry has felt the woes of this shortage, but there is a lack of support to solve the problem, according to the Construction Industry Institute.

Yes, workers see their fair share of dirt, mud, bad weather, and hazardous conditions. There are so many intellectual components to the industry. Even before a shovel hits the ground, there are architects, engineers, interior designers, and many other minds working on the project.

The Labor-Shortage Myth

Education Parents and educators are pushing the four-year college plan. There has been a surge in preparing students for college instead of teaching life and job skills.

There is a massive lack of young people entering the construction industry. While students in both tracks may take out loans for those payments, the debt is significantly higher for college graduates. The Economic Policy Institute recently reported that the unemployment and underemployment rates for college graduates under the age of 25 are double what they were in Lack of women A huge demographic void in the industry is female workers.

In the United States, women only represent 2. A recent article from Construction Dive cites a lack of female mentors and role models, along with harassment concerns on the job site as factors that prevent women from considering a career in construction.

So why would anyone want to work in an industry with such a high risk of injury?

The U.S. Occupations at Greatest Risk of a Labor Shortage - Real Time Economics - WSJ

If they feel safe and know that the company they work for is dedicated to keeping them that way, the more attractive an organization will be to qualified job seekers. A dangerous work environment is not an enticing feature in a company.

Connect at an early age Visit schools and promote construction as a viable career option. Dispel the rumors and myths that surround the industry. The earlier students see the path to construction, the more interested and involved they will become. Many schools offer mentor programs where you can evaluate and identify students who may be well-suited for the industry.

Offer frequent training Investing in the continued education of employees demonstrates your commitment to them and the industry. Not only will your company benefit from having well-educated workers, but employees will appreciate your dedication to furthering their career.

Mentoring programs for young employees are also a great way to promote internal advancement and fulfill the aspirations of your well-driven workers. Help them find the right path to success.

Modernize and automate your processes Young people are flocking to the technology sector. Everyone wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg. Then promote them to potential employees. Those innovations will intrigue newcomers.More Visas Issued Amid Maryland Crab Industry Labor Shortage The U.S.

Department of Homeland Security has announced it will issue an additional 15, guest worker, or H-2B, visas this year above. Apr 19,  · The U.S. occupations at greatest risk of a labor shortage.

The U.S.

The issue of labor shortage in the united states

could run out of occupational therapists, railroad engineers and other workers, potentially leaving the .

Health Care Workforce Distribution and Shortage Issues in Rural America Executive Summary Issue: The population of The health care labor shortage in the United States has been widely documented and is expected to last for the foreseeable future. The increase in population is partially.

In fact, most modern economists would argue that increased immigration is the key to solving labor shortage problem facing our country. The United States is going through painful demographic change.

Watch video · The NABE survey is the latest to suggest a tightening labor market. Early in July, the National Federation of Independent Business said that 44 percent of .

Labor Market Imbalances scientific and engineering talent in the United States. The heads of Intel, Microsoft, and other high-tech firms have spoken out on this issue as.

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