Types of athletes essay

How to Write a Summary of an Article? However, very rarely do these articles describe the actual athlete behind the success. Athletes come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Some are great teammates while others would rather be a one man team.

Types of athletes essay

In the early to mid s, it was junior high and senior high school sports participation. I went on to be a so-so track and field athlete pole vaulter at the University of Iowa in the late s and early s.

I coached throwers and jumpers during graduate school at Western Illinois University and then pole vaulters at Central Missouri State University as a part-time coach I then moved to the University of Florida in as an assistant strength and conditioning coach and weight-training instructor in the Physical Education Department.

Types of athletes essay

Moving forward to the positions of the head strength and conditioning coach at Southeast Missouri State Universitythe University of Illinois-Chicagoand Saint Louis UniversityI have worked with hundreds of male and female athletes in a variety of sports.

Since moving on from the collegiate scene, I now work with law enforcement officers and engage in personal training on the side not just anyone - only those serious about getting results. Needless to say, I have seen the full gamut of physical abilities and mental capacities: Mentality — intelligence level, work ethic, and ability to handle pressure.

Various combinations of the general qualities create eight categories that all people will fall into: My thoughts on each category: I would give my left index finger for these.

Let me work with them! I could use them in some capacity. A tough nut to crack. I love this type - they will fill a role. We will find a place for them. Go out for the debate team. Athletics is not your cup of tea. The ultimate combination is category one.

An individual or team with outstanding physical ability, a high skill level, intelligence, and mental toughness would be hard to beat. Life would be great for all coaches who have category one athletes year in and year out.

However, this is not reality. Even though the goal is to be at category one, one small deviation can mean defeat, and this usually comes down to the mental aspect.

Therefore, there is hope for the other categories. Here is how to win championships: Hone and refine their sport-skills and their ability to work within the team. Hope that luck is on your side, as many championships are won or lost due to uncontrollable issues think Jeffery Maierthe Tuck Ruleor U.

This is where the other categories enter the picture. There are plenty of these people out there. If you are one of these, here is how you can improve your chances of becoming a champion: Seek a sports psychologist.


Work on your skills. You have innate ability. Time to work overtime on your skills and mental acumen. Your type is plentiful.

You can make a difference.Discovery of 8 Athlete Types A deep statistical analysis of tens-of-thousands of professional athletes and elite soldiers revealed eight (8) distinct athletic mindsets — each with their own characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses with preferred coaching & interaction styles.

The Three Types of Athletes Essay Words | 4 Pages. In sports, there are three distinct types of players.

Firstly, there are those who really don't care about winning the game or about winning in general. A must-read for coaches and athletes alike.

Types of athletes essay

Based on 3 decades of collegiate coaching experience, Tom Kelso breaks down the 8 types of athletes there are and what it truly takes to become a champion.

The 8 Types of Athletes: Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Champ? | Breaking Muscle. Discovery of 8 Athlete Types. A deep statistical analysis of tens-of-thousands of professional athletes and elite soldiers revealed eight (8) distinct athletic mindsets — each with their own characteristics, strengths, and struggles with preferred coaching & interaction styles.

Types of Coaches Classification Essay Sample. The whole doc is available only for registered users OPEN DOC. Pages: Word count: ; Different coaches have different styles, and they must be able to work with the different types of athletes or whomever they coach.

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